Business Solutions

Securus’ robust tracking system can be configured to meet your business’s diverse needs. Our GPS locators have many applications to provide safety and security solutions, and they are currently successfully used in the following capacities:

Custom Tracking Solutions

Securus’ complete, modular “machine-to-machine" (M2M) platform offers virtually unlimited ways to fulfill your business’s tracking needs. You can customize a build-your-own application or business using our entire solution or individual parts of it under your own label.

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Fleet Tracking

With eZoom GPS, you can keep track of all vehicles in your fleet 24/7. eZoom GPS mounts onto vehicles and runs off battery power through our auto installation kit, so you never need to worry about losing track of a vehicle.

Drivers can also keep eZoom in the cab and have access to the SOS button, ensuring their safety and your ability to instantly know where they are in an emergency. eZoom can be charged through the 12 volt adapter inside the car.

Ensure deliveries are on time and keep your business running smoothly with eZoom!

Retail Loss Prevention

CatchAThiefGPS can track commonly stolen items from the back room, main store, or while being transported. The locator can be placed in merchandise boxes in the storeroom, in trucks, or on items on the floor to quickly and easily catch shoplifters and prevent merchandise from being intercepted in transit. Since CatchAThiefGPS entered the market, it has helped recover nearly $1 M in stolen retail merchandise and personal property.

Cargo Diversion

Prevent cargo diversion and theft with CatchAThiefGPS. These inconspicuous units can be placed into delivery vehicles and cargo containers, and they can be tracked online or with your cell phone 24/7.

Campus Security

CatchAThiefGPS is currently used on college campuses across the country to bait items on campus and catch thieves. It has been very successful in dramatically reducing crime. Police can attach the locator to virtually any item, and they can track it online 24/7 and receive email and text alerts if it’s stolen. eClick is the premier prevention tool for attacks and assaults on and off campus. eClick quickly and discreetly connects users with local or campus police and provides police with the users’ location, indoors or outdoors, and limited personal information. It is six times faster and ten times more accurate than calling 911 with a cell phone.